Britannica PACK EN

This includes a 1-piece mattress (TK 1007), a spring based low bedframe 25cm, clothed in a NC cloth from The Timeless Collection. Mattress size: 180 x 200; L1 bedframe footing. Available from April to December 2015. Ask our vendors for details on this special offer.

Special Price of 4 950 €
with ecotaxe11 €

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Mattress core

With its unique padded spring technology and hand-made generous filling of pure natural fibers, the traditionally made Britannica mattress offers all of the benefits of a Vispring bed: great comfort, freshness and naturally hypoallergenic materials.

Associated with the hand-made Britannica bedframe and the contemporary Muses headboard, this exclusive Limited Edition pack will guarantee you supreme comfort and care-free sleep for years to come.