Precious Diamond Mattress


Matelas Precious Diamond
Beautyrest Black by simmons

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The Beautyrest Black collection is the culmination of Simmons' expertise. It takes technology to the highest level and marks its products with exceptional finishes and noble materials carefully selected for their innovative qualities. The Aspen mattress combines two different pocket spring technologies to offer you a firm and comfortable fit that adapts to every part of your body.

Sleeping accessories such as pillows, comforters or bed linen are essential to complete the comfort of your mattress.

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Design, elegant and ultra-technological, the Precious Diamond mattress of the Beautyrest Black collection contains the quintessence of Simmons innovations to offer you an unbeatable sleep:

Cool Touch ticking: 100% polyester
– Quallofil® by Dacron (300 gr/m2)
– Alpaca (100 gr/m2) and Cashmere, linen and silk (100 gr/m2)
– Soft comfort foam (30 mm, density 23 kg/m3)
– Soft comfort: Memory foam (40 mm, density 42 kg/m3)
– Firm comfort : Elivéa® foam (40mm, density 43 kg/m3)
– 1140 miniaturized pocket springs, laminated steel frames (160×200 cm bedding)
– Memory foam (20 mm, density 43 kg/m3)
– 952 pocket springs, Black Soft technology, 5 zones,
laminated steel slats for a 160×200 cm bed 18 pads (160×200 cm bed)
– Tript’Air® 3D non-slip fabric


The Precious Diamond mattress offers you comfort à la carte:
– The memory foam adapts to the curves of your body and gently envelops you for a soft comfort.
– The Elivéa® foam reduces pressure points and provides firm comfort.

No need to flip your mattress thanks to the No Flip® system, the Golden Hill mattress offers you the same comfort all year round and preserves your back.

Take advantage of the sleeping independence provided by pocket springs, micro-awakenings are limited.

Recover in depth at an ideal temperature thanks to the combination of the thermoregulating properties of the Quallofil® by Dacron® wadding with the Cool Touch ticking.

Enjoy long-lasting comfort thanks to the hand-tied cushions that hold the mattress materials in place perfectly.


Creator, inventor and specialist in pocket springs since 1929, Simmons manufactures and develops its own springs in its factory in Saint-Amand-Les-Eaux (59). The Blacksoft® technology has been designed to offer you comfort adapted to each part of your body. It is a zoned suspension composed of a 3-wire braided spring and a Sensoft Evolution® spring. Perfectly distributed, the springs provide precise support for sensitive areas of the body to ensure ideal support for the spine.


– Height : 40 cm
– Home : Soft, Firm or Duo Comfort
– Comfort : Firm
– Technologies : Blacksoft ®

The Precious Diamond mattress is available with an optional 100% organic cotton ticking certified GOTS (Global Organic Textil Standard)

34 cm
of bedding
in France
Delivery in France
and Europe