2000T Bed


203.1 kilograms of perfection

Prices starting from 40 880 € (in 160 x 200)
with ecotaxe 13 €
(price incl. VAT recommended by the manufacturer on 01/03/2022)

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When you lie down on a Hästens 2000T, you are relying on the entire Hästens heritage. This bed is the culmination of nearly 170 years of constant research and improvement to give you the best possible sleep, night after night. Each individual layer has been thought through to the last detail and refined to almost the last ponytail fiber.

Your body is unique.
Your 2000T can be too.

You can customize with over 20,000 possible combinations. Sleep accessories such as pillows, comforters and bedding are essential to complete the comfort of your mattress.
Luxury Bed is at your disposal to define your project with you.


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Mattress core

The 2000T bed mattress takes the concept of sleeping comfort to new heights with its composition:
– 2 layers of extremely durable virgin cotton quilted fabric.
– 4 layers of hand crumpled A-lyx ponytail hair.
– 10 layers of cotton and wool.
– 1 pocket spring system, 18 cm high, with individually acting springs.
– 4 reinforced corner springs (covered in soft linen), ensuring comfort and stability when you sit on the edge of the bed.
– Reinforced edge springs along all sides to prevent you from falling out of bed and make it easier to get up.
– A piping that gives the mattress its elegant shape.


Comfort face

The base of the 2000T is flawlessly stable. It absorbs and distributes the pressure of your body over the entire surface thanks to its composition:
– 1 layer of extremely durable virgin cotton quilted fabric.
– 1 layer of hand crumpled A-lyx ponytail hair.
– 2 layers of cotton and wool.
– 1 system of pocket springs 8 cm high, with springs that act individually.
– 2 layers of linen that insulate against noise and static electricity.
– 1 Bonnell spring system, 13 cm high, with machine-twisted coil springs.
– 1 solid Swedish pine frame with finger joints, 16.8 cm high.
– 1 layer of cotton lining that protects the bed from below.


Technical faces

Hästens is committed to perfecting its methods year after year, which is why it is difficult to surpass such high quality and comfort. Today, horsehair is divided into more and thinner layers interspersed with even thinner layers of cotton and wool. Handcrafting the fibers is an art that requires both patience and dexterity. Naturally, it is worth the extra effort. The result, incredibly light and supple, is a masterpiece of comfort.


Choose the degree of firmness: soft, medium, firm or extra-firm.
Adjust the length and width with 0.5 cm increments (maximum size is 400 cm). For widths greater than 210 cm, the base will be divided in two. The 2000T is available in square, rectangular or round shapes.
Customize your 2000T with a wide choice of mattress toppers, headboards, footboards, pillows, comforters, bedding, etc.
Choose from 15 different original fabrics.

55 cm without feet
of bedding
in Sweden
Delivery in France
and Europe