King Size bed


Short history of the King Size bed

When it comes to quality of sleep and rest, there is one type of mattress that surpasses all others: the king-size bed. And this has been true for a long time!

The King Size bed was invented more than eight centuries ago. In those days, beds were shared by all but the most privileged members of a family. Among the wealthy, the single bed was associated with hygiene and great comfort... but not only! Indeed, the single bed quickly became a real place of reception and politics, as early as the 13th century. From his bed, the king made legal decisions and received his advisors. Therefore, it had to be large and wide enough to fulfill all these functions and to be worthy of such an important figure. The wealthiest members of the nobility imitated the sovereign, and the king size bed became a symbol of power, and provided a sleeping comfort worthy of the greatest members of the kingdom.

Over time, the King Size bed has of course become more widespread. Simmons was the first manufacturer to introduce king size mattresses to the market in 1958. For a long time, the king size bed was reserved for large hotels and luxury rooms, but today it also attracts private individuals who love beautiful bedding and beautiful sleepers. On the less romantic and more practical side, it should also be noted that the height of French people has increased and continues to increase. Over the last century, each generation has gained 2.3 cm! Bed sizes are changing, and more and more people are choosing king-size beds suitable for all body types. But Luxury Bed can also offer you the American Dream, or even the Californian Dream, with beds like the ones found in big hotels and the homes of movie stars: in the U.S.A, birthplace of XXL bedding, the Regular King Size bed dimensions are around 200 x 210cm. But American beds get even bigger: Luxury Bed can order beds tailored to your needs, such as “Super King Size” beds that have a width of at least 200cm and a length of 240cm. Other sizes for an American night include: the California King bed — 190 x 220 — and the Queen Size — 160 x 210.

The highest quality of sleep

The King Size bed is the luxurious centrepiece of the bedroom and immediately sets the tone. Beyond the aesthetic, luxurious aspect, the king size bed provides unparalleled comfort. Let's remember this simple fact: between a 140 cm mattress and a 160 cm mattress, the chance of disturbing your partner's sleep is divided by two! Remember that a King Size bed made in France corresponds to a size of 170 or 180 x 200 cm, i.e. 30 to 40 cm wider than a standard bed. It is thus adapted to all body shapes.

The King Size bed offers more sleeping space and greater freedom of movement. In conclusion, it offers more comfort and less discomfort for all. Less discomfort means fewer nocturnal awakenings, more sleep time, and a better feeling of recovery when you wake up.
The bed becomes a true place to relax and recharge, but also an ideal place to indulge in leisure activities such as reading, watching television, or welcoming your children for a special, cocooning family cuddle on Sunday morning! In addition, all King Size beds are top-of-the-range beds, made with the best materials and the best techniques, which gives them an incomparable durability.

American Dream with the largest of King Size Beds

The King Size bed is also a huge success on the other side of the Atlantic. If Americans see everything in XXL, that includes bedding! Thus, if a King Size bed in France measures 170 or 180×200, a King Size bed in the United States measures 200 x 210 for the Regular King Size, 190x220m for the California King (a little less wide than the King Bed but longer), and 200x240m for the Super King Size.

King Size beds are found in the largest American hotels, palaces, and n the bedrooms of musicians, filmstars and businessmen... According to your wishes, Luxury Bed can make Super King Size or King Size models, to make an American dream come true, and for XXL dreams! For still luxurious but more modest wishes, Luxury Bed also offers, of course, Queen Size models, 160×210.


At Luxury Bed, the customer is king

The King Size bed is therefore the ultimate in luxury in terms of comfort and use. Luxury Bed offers its exceptional clientele giant King Size and Super King Size beds, as well as personalized services. For example, Luxury Bed is able to place orders with its suppliers for "made-to-measure" beds on demand. With its position in the European luxury bedding market, Luxury Bed is the ideal contact and intermediary for your custom orders. Whatever your desire for a King Size or Super King Size bed, Luxury Bed will meet your request - within reasonable limits - with, of course, the appropriate mattresses, duvets, sheets and accessories. Naturally, as with its "standard" products in accordance with French and European standards, Luxury Bed delivers its Queen Size, King Size or Super King Size bed to the customer's home, with the highest quality service.

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