King Size bed


King, Queen & California Sizes !

Let us remind you of an interesting fact: by switching from a mattress width of 140cm to 160cm, you halve your chances of bothering your partner in the night! We’ll also remind you that a King Size mattress made in France measures between 170 to 180 x 200cm, which is 30 to 40cm wider than a standard bed. But Luxury Bed can also offer you the American Dream, or even the Californian Dream, with beds like the ones found in big hotels and the homes of movie stars: in the U.S.A, birthplace of XXL bedding, the Regular King Size bed dimensions are around 200 x 210cm. But American beds get even bigger: Luxury Bed can order beds tailored to your needs, such as “Super King Size” beds that have a width of at least 200cm and a length of 240cm. Other sizes for an American night include: the California King bed — 190 x 220 — and the Queen Size — 160 x 210.

For King Size Beds, you need a King Size distributor!

In truth, there are no limits other than the means of the customer — within the limits of reason — and Luxury Bed, given its position on the European luxury bed market, is the ideal intermediary for these exceptional requests. Just as with its “standard” products designed to French and European norms, Luxury Bed can of course deliver Queen, King and Super King beds right to your home. When it comes to the high-end bed market, is Luxury Bed itself not a “King Size” company?


Luxury Bed and King Size bedding: the client is king!

In order to truly satisfy its clientele, Luxury Bed offers giant King Size and Super King Size beds for nights that are truly “bigger than life”! At Luxury Bed, we propose a range of products from the most renowned luxury bedding brands and also offer personalized services to be certain to perfectly match the requirements of our clientele. These services include the ordering of tailor-made beds at the customer’s demand, including “King Size” and “Super King Size” beds, with of course matching mattresses, duvets and other accessories to go with it.

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