Finding the Best Mattress


At Luxury Bed, find the best mattresses in the world!

Luxury Bed offers its customers the finest mattresses in the world. If each person is different, each need is also different. Some people are looking for the best comfort for pleasure, others suffer from chronic pain and are looking for the best mattress for their back, others to solve sleep problems with the best bedding, and some add style to the equation... So which mattress is best? How do you determine that a mattress is the best mattress in the world? What are the criteria that allow you to say this without any doubt?


Manufacturing the best mattresses

The manufacture of a high quality mattress is quite complex. First of all, the choice and quality of the materials are crucial. The best mattresses all contain high-quality, natural materials, some of them rare, such as the Hästens brand, which uses horsehair or pure new wool, or Pure Talalay Bliss, which uses natural Talalay latex for an incredibly supple feel. The quality of these materials ensures not only a maximum degree of comfort but also absolutely impeccable hygiene. Secondly, the level of technology is decisive: the leading bedding brands have developed cutting-edge technologies to ensure absolute comfort: ideal support, maximum sleeping independence, precise adaptation of the mattress to the user's body shape. The Simmons brand is a perfect example. Manufacturing methods are also one of the secrets of the world's best mattresses: the leading bedding brands have a long history of expertise and precision in mattress design, proven over the years and constantly optimised. Finally, the best mattresses in the world all offer precision design and finishing of exceptional quality. Examples include Slumberland, with its upholstered finish and embroidered handles, or Hästens or Treca Interiors Paris, where every mattress is hand-sewn. It is the careful combination of these elements - material, technology, craftsmanship and design - that make the mattresses of the brands offered by Luxury Bed the best in the world.

Beautyrest®Black: the pinnacle of craftsmanship

Among the traditional Simmons brand ranges, there is one that embodies the pinnacle of craftsmanship and the highest quality: the Beautyrest® range. Within this exceptional range, there is one collection in particular that contains the best mattresses in the world: the BeautyrestBlack® collection. This collection is the most prestigious of all and is distributed exclusively by Luxury Bed. Each BeautyrestBlack® mattress is made of noble materials carefully selected for their exceptional properties: alpaca, pure virgin wool, linen, silk or cashmere make up this mattress. In addition, Simmons technology is brought to its peak in a BeautyrestBlack® mattress, thanks to the exclusive combination of two pocket spring technologies: Sensoft Evolution® and Black Soft®. Sensoft Evolution® technology offers unparalleled stability: your joints are better supported and can truly rest. Every movement you make during the night is accompanied and monitored, for a restorative sleep. The Blacksoft® technology allows your mattress to adapt perfectly to each zone of your body, to offer a highly supportive fit, and precise and targeted support. Each product is marked by exceptional finishing touches. Beautyrest Black® is used in some of the world's top hotels.

Hästens: mattresses of excellence

Every Hästens bed is a true gem. Hästens mattresses are among the best in the world, as every step of the manufacturing process is carried out with exceptional care and attention to detail. Hästens stands for uncompromising quality and perfection of detail. It all starts with the choice of materials: natural, high-quality, sometimes rare, ethically produced and meticulously selected. Hästens uses horsehair, each loop of which acts as a natural micro-spring, and whose built-in ventilation properties act like a miniature air duct. In addition to horsehair, the mattresses are also made of cotton for comfort and breathability. Pure new wool is also used, with its well-known thermal properties and softness, as well as linen, which is incredibly resistant and keeps static electricity at bay. The beds are then made entirely by hand by Hästens master craftsmen, whose expertise has been passed down from generation to generation since 1852. They are driven by a single motto and passion: to make the best mattresses in the world. In terms of design, every aspect of the mattress has also been carefully considered for decades, constantly under research. Stitching, needlework, weaving the horsehair: no detail is left to chance. Each Hästens mattress is unique, and contains the soul of Swedish nature and the devotion of Hästens' expert craftsmen. The world's leading hotels trust Hästens to equip their most exceptional suites with the best mattresses in the world.