Queen Size


The Queen Bed, designed for nights of freedom and comfort

From “Her Majesty the Queen’s bed” to the Queen Size bed, Luxury Bed offers a range of products adapted to your every need. Also from the Vispring brand, Luxury Bed proposes a collection of beds slightly larger than the French standard size: their 160cm width by 200-210cm length provides 30 to 40cm extra width, reducing by half the possibility of disturbing your partner in the night. When it comes to sharing a bed, a Queen Size can be truly transformational! The Queen Size Bed ensures you have the nocturnal space you need to satisfy your dreams of comfortable, soft and tender nights. Luxury Bed distributes, amongst others, the four Queen Size models supplied by Vispring: the Herald Superb, Baronet Superb, Devonshire and Marquess Superb. This is truly the best of British style and elegance allied with absolute comfort! Why not add some greatness — and space — to your soft, warm and supremely comfortable nights.

Sleep Queen Size with Luxury Bed

Naturally, Luxury Bed has prepared every detail to serve the most demanding international clientele. Its white-glove home delivery service can go anywhere in France and Europe, be it the most prestigious ski and beach resorts, from Zermatt and Courchevel, to Biarritz and Cannes, or even Porto Fino and Venice. Luxury Bed is there to satisfy the most personalized requests, to best equip your primary residences and holiday homes. There’s no sense in waiting. From now on, sleep Queen Size!


Bed Story: Luxury Bed, the Queen, the Queen Size and you…

Based in Lyon, France, Luxury Bed offers luxury beds certified by the British Crown. This goes especially for the Queen Size, of course! Luxury Bed, a company based in Lyon, is proud to have become the most renowned distributor of the high end international luxury bedding brands. A classic example of this prestigious and luxurious bedding is the very British Vispring brand, founded in 1901. Vispring’s collection of 14 high-end luxury beds is a marriage of quality materials — cashmere, mohair, European horsehair — elegant designs and modern technology. The double layered spring mattresses for example associate new mattress technology with the hand-sewn precision of the finest British artisans. Vispring also has the honor of being the Queen and Royal Family’s bedding supplier. There’s no denying it: the clients of Luxury Bed are in excellent company!

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