Queen Size


The perfect size... Royally

The Queen Size bed has become the new premium standard in double beds. There are three main reasons for the overwhelming success of this bed size: it is ideal for all body types and fits all room sizes; it offers the best value for money; and the best brands in the world offer top quality Queen Size mattresses.

The Queen Size bed is a bed slightly larger than the normal 160 cm wide and 200 or 210 cm long, which is 20 cm wider than the standard. This bed is called "Queen size", echoing the "King size" bed: smaller than the King Size bed, larger than a standard double bed, it is the perfect choice for those who love great comfort and do not have a room large enough to accommodate a King Size bed, which is sometimes too bulky for modestly sized rooms. City dwellers will also appreciate this Queen Size combined with a box spring, offering a very appreciable additional storage possibility.

The Queen Size bed, designed for nights of comfort and freedom

The Queen Size bed offers generous space which really makes the difference with standard beds: adapted to all morphologies, including tall people or those with a large build, its large dimensions guarantee ideal sleeping independence.

When you know that a sleeper moves an average of 40 times a night, it is important to ensure that everyone has their own space. With the Queen Size bed, each sleeper retains complete freedom of movement, thus avoiding disturbing the other's sleep.

This ensures that each person sleeps more soundly and restfully. The Queen Size Bed is also, thanks to its generous dimensions, an ideal playground for unrestricted lovemaking.

Thus, the Queen Size Bed offers a comfortable night space that will satisfy those who dream of the sweetest, most comfortable and most languorous nights... but also those who enjoy cuddly and tender mornings with their children. Finally, less expensive than the King Size, the Queen Size bed offers unbeatable value for money. The ideal choice for falling into the arms of Morpheus every night.

Luxury Bed, the world's best brands and Queen Size

Luxury Bed, the reference distributor of exceptional bedding brands, offers its demanding customers the finest Queen Size mattresses available on the market.

The prestigious Beautyrest Black® by Simmons, one of the best mattresses in the world, offers this Queen Size dimension.

Synonymous with luxury, the Beautyrest Black® range provides a soothing, restorative and seamless sleep, thanks to the exceptional and world-renowned technologies used to create its mattresses. It is worth noting that the first King Size and Queen Size beds were introduced by Simmons in 1958. Luxury Bed also offers Queen Size mattresses manufactured by Treca Paris. The brand manufactures its mattresses with the greatest respect for haute-couture know-how in its historic workshops in Reichshoffen in Alsace. The mattresses are made to measure, using only the finest materials. The combination of respect for tradition, made-to-measure production and the use of the finest materials make Treca Paris mattresses products of exceptional quality.

Created in 1967, the Slumberland brand is renowned for the unrivalled durability of its products. By combining traditional British know-how and top-of-the-range French manufacturing, Slumberland designs mattresses of great comfort: the Queen Size beds in particular, with pocket springs, are recognised for the perfect independence of sleep that they provide.

Luxury Bed also distributes the nine models of beds and mattresses in this Queen Size range produced by the very luxurious Hästens brand: 2000T, Herlewing, Eala, Maranga, Superia... and of course the exceptional Vividus. Hästens mattresses are entirely handmade by expert, passionate teams. This expertise, combined with passion and the use of the purest and finest materials, makes each Hästens mattress a jewel in its own right.

The Oeko-Tex® certified Pure Talalay Bliss brand also offers magnificent Queen Size mattresses distributed by Luxury Bed. What makes this brand special? The material used: 100% natural Talalay latex. This material is exceptional: it provides an unparalleled floating sensation, as if the body lying on the mattress were in suspension. This feeling of wellbeing and calm is simply incredible.


Sleep Queen Size with Luxury Bed

Thanks to its position on the European luxury bedding market, Luxury Bed is the preferred supplier and intermediary for your top-of-the-range bedding orders. Based on the exceptional brands it represents, Luxury Bed offers you the most beautiful Queen Size beds in the world. Thanks to its experts in sleep and high-end bedding, Luxury Bed meets all your quality requirements. Choice of mattress, brand, made-to-measure, white glove home delivery service anywhere in France and Europe... Luxury Bed meets the wishes of its most demanding customers.

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