Outstanding Brands


Specialist in premium bedding, Luxury Bed offers its customers the best bedding brands in the world: brands of international prestige, exceptional for their high quality manufacturing, the quality of the materials used, and the absolute comfort they guarantee with each product. Enter the history and the universe of these exceptional brands, and let yourself be carried away.


Beautyrest® by Simmons, top-oof-the-line French manufacturing

The Beautyrest® range by Simmons is the pinnacle of Simmons' know-how and technology. These pocket spring mattresses of exceptional quality are used in the world's leading hotels. Luxury Bed offers its customers Simmons Beautyrest® mattresses, including the pearl of the range: the prestigious Beautyrest Black® collection, described as the best mattresses in the world. With their truly elegant black wooden frame and backrest, these luxury mattresses combine cutting-edge technology with the finest materials. The Beautyrest Black® mattresses are made with 100% pocket springs and combine two of Simmons' leading technologies: Sensoft Evolution, which allows a soft welcome and a smooth adaptation of the mattress to the body shape, and Black Soft, a spring distribution which allows fine support for each area of the body and perfect support for the spine. In terms of materials, Beautyrest Black® mattresses are made of high-quality natural materials carefully selected for their hypoallergenic qualities. In addition, each mattress is finished to an exceptional standard. Finally, Beautyrest Black® is the ultimate in luxury bed and mattress comfort for an unparalleled sleeping experience.

Hästens, making dreams come true since 1852

For six generations, Hästens has been passionately committed to producing the world's finest mattresses. The Swedish brand's luxury mattresses are made from pure natural materials produced in an ethical way. Hästens stands for excellence in traditional craftsmanship, passed down from generation to generation. The mattresses are entirely and meticulously handmade using unique know-how: a mammoth task of extreme precision. In fact, the manufacture of Hästens mattresses is a true combination of art, passion and authentic craftsmanship, giving each mattress its own character and soul. Choosing a Hästens mattress ensures deep and restorative sleep, natural relaxation and a feeling of being well-rested, energised and in good shape. The quality of Hästens mattresses is such that they are used in luxury hotels all over the world. At Luxury Bed, we offer a wide range of sizes and firmnesses so you can find the perfect mattress for your body type.

Pure Talalay Bliss, natural latex for a feeling of weightlessness

The top-of-the-range Pure Talalay Bliss mattresses are handcrafted and custom-made in the USA. In addition to their natural composition, which has earned them the prestigious Oeko-Tex label, the special feature of Pure Talalay Bliss mattresses is the perfect balance between support and pressure relief. Lie down on a Pure Talalay Bliss luxury mattress and you'll experience a unique floating sensation that you won't be able to live without. The construction and quality of Talalay mattresses make them unbeatable: Talalay natural latex is the most durable and resistant mattress material available. The composition of 100% Talalay latex and the chemical-free manufacturing process make Pure Talalay Bliss mattresses pure, healthy and environmentally friendly.

Slumberland, pure British style with French manufacturing.

Slumberland is synonymous with "the land of original sleep". Slumberland mattresses are the result of a combination of English know-how and 100% French manufacturing. Beyond the extremely high quality of these mattresses, Slumberland distinguishes itself by its style and its very particular "British" aestheticism, with a luxurious design, as shown for example by the upholstered finishes or the embroidered grips. Slumberland mattresses are made of carefully selected natural materials and feature pocket springs to ensure perfect sleeping independence and precise support for maximum comfort. The Slumberland brand is internationally recognised as a prestigious bedding brand and is committed to absolute quality.

Treca Paris, creator of haute-couture sleep

Since 1935, respect for tradition and made-to-measure have made Treca Paris a reference in top-of-the-range bedding. Whatever your body shape and needs, you can find the comfort that suits you among the collections of Treca Paris. Your choice of bed starts with the selection of one of our many comforts, which correspond to the combination of support (i.e. the firmness of the suspension) and comfort (i.e. the feeling of softness), adapted to your body shape and sleeping habits. The support of Treca Paris bedding is provided by H.L.E. steel spring suspensions. (High Limit of Elasticity) steel springs which guarantee an excellent weight/robustness ratio and a longer life span. The mattresses are hand-upholstered to prolong their life and comfort. Many natural materials are used: cotton, wool (merino, lamb, camel, alpaca), cashmere, silk, linen, hemp, mohair, horsehair, bamboo viscose and Talalay. The technical materials from natural fibres used allow the needs for support and well-being to be met: Ingéo (hypoallergenic, from corn fibres), Seacell (hypoallergenic, from seaweed), Phytobiolaine (wool which has been made hypoallergenic through treatment with plant extracts).


Bed linen and sleep accessories

Luxury Bed also offers you all the essential accessories for your bed, made by the most established names in French luxury craftsmanship. Discover the Brun de Vian-Tiran, Drouault, David Manien and Orosa sleep accessories.