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The most beautiful mattresses in the world are at Luxury Bed

Luxury Bed, exclusive ambassador of international luxury bedding located in the heart of Lyon, offers the creations of the most prestigious brands in the world.


Exclusive ambassador of luxury bedding in Lyon

At Luxury Bed, we believe that good sleep is the key to physical and mental well-being in our daily lives. While we sleep, our bodies and minds work together to help us live better. Sleeping well makes a difference in our daily lives, as well as in the long term.

Proper sleep makes for a more peaceful and productive day; it improves concentration and makes it easier to deal with emotions. It has a major impact on our health: on our backs, on our muscles, on our minds and on our morale. During sleep, our body maintains and regulates several vital functions.

Taking care of your sleep is taking care of your health. At the end of the day, a good night's sleep is synonymous with a better life in many ways. That's why Luxury Bed offers only the finest bedding brands in the world. And when it comes to luxury beds, the biggest brands go the extra mile to offer the best mattresses: cutting-edge technology, the finest natural materials, custom-made, handcrafted... Everything is thought out to the millimetre, nothing is left to chance. Luxury beds are real jewels for our nights, and therefore for our lives.

Luxury Bed, the choice of the most prestigious brands

If Luxury Bed is considered and recognised as the ambassador of luxury bedding in its region and enjoys a European influence, it is because the most prestigious brands in the world trust it to represent them: The sublime Swedish brand Hästens, which supplies the Swedish crown; the renowned Beautyrest® by Simmons, a brand known for being at the cutting edge of technology; the leading French brand in terms of know-how and design, Treca Paris; the British Slumberland, combining English style and French know-how; or the iconic Pure Talalay Bliss, the leading American brand. All have chosen Luxury Bed to represent them, in some cases on an exclusive basis.
These exceptional brands, each with its own style, offer a combination of technological excellence, support, comfort, adaptation to the body shape, thermoregulation and sleeping independence, in an ideal way. With both classic and original lines, they are the ultimate in luxury bedding.

In terms of comfort and hygiene, the brands which Luxury Bed is an ambassador for offer all the best on the planet. In fact, luxury hotels and palaces around the world fit out their rooms with these brands: Hästens, Beautyrest® by Simmons... The mattresses of these exceptional brands are made from natural, fine materials - virgin wool, alpaca, cashmere, mohair, horsehair, organic cotton... - with fascinating natural properties: breathable, supple, resistant, anti-dust mite or thermo-regulating, they are meticulously and skillfully paired together.

Combined with cutting-edge technologies such as independent pocket springs and new-generation memory foam, our brands guarantee the utmost in comfort, resulting in a great night's sleep, soft and restful.

For absolute comfort and with nothing left to chance, Luxury Bed also offers accessories for rest and sleep from the best French craftsmen, from the pillow head to the duvet, including covers and mattress toppers. Luxury Bed has chosen the prestigious brands Brun de Vian-Tiran and Drouault, two century-old names with haute-couture labels, to offer customers the highest quality bedding accessories. Luxury Bed has chosen the prestigious brands Brun de Vian-Tiran and Drouault, two century-old names with haute couture labels, to offer its customers bedding accessories of the highest quality.

Luxury Bed: expertise, advice, top of the range service

Our team of bedding and sleep experts knows each brand and each mattress inside out. They welcome you, guide you and accompany you in a precise and personalized manner in order to help you find the mattress that will perfectly suit your needs and desires. The brands for which Luxury Bed is an ambassador also offer custom-made mattresses, on request, according to your wishes. Classic size, Queen Size or King Size, or custom size or shape, type of accommodation, colours, fabrics, finishes... Everything can be adapted to your wishes!

At Luxury Bed, the quality of service we offer is on a par with the world's leading brands that we represent, from A to Z. Located in the heart of Western Europe, we provide home delivery in France and throughout Europe, from Saint Tropez to Zermatt, via Megève, Porto Vecchio, Gstaad or Milan. The most beautiful products are delivered in white gloves, because nothing is too beautiful for the best mattresses in the world.