Quality Bedding


The finest materials for your comfort

Firstly, the quality of the materials used to make the mattresses. The leading bedding brands make their mattresses from the finest materials. This care taken in the choice of materials is essential for the comfort, hygiene, durability and, ultimately, the quality of the mattress. Let's take the example of Hästens. This Swedish brand, supplier to the Swedish crown, uses only natural materials produced in a sustainable and ethical manner. One of these materials is horsehair. Used by Hästens since 1800, it provides support and flexibility and has its own ventilation system, acting as a mini air duct. It draws out moisture and provides freshness. It is also allergen-free and has anti-bacterial, anti-mite and anti-fungal properties. Other materials used by the brand are cotton, great for comfort and breathability, and wool, which has the extraordinary property of being warm when you're cold and cool when you're hot. Wool also has flame retardant and waterproof properties. Hästens also uses linen, which is a natural sound and vibration absorber, strong and flexible; and Swedish pine, for the strength and stability of the bed.

Treca Interiors Paris is also a leading name in terms of the materials used in its mattresses: Royal Alpaca wool, with its recognised thermal and comfort qualities; Merino wool from Arles, with a fineness comparable to cashmere; Baby Camel wool, abundant, of exceptional quality, warm and resistant; Baby Lama wool, an extremely light and soft down, with high resilience. It is impossible to mention the quality of the materials used by the excellent bedding brands distributed by Luxury Bed without taking the example of the Pure Talalay Bliss brand. This Oeko-Tex® certified American brand uses Talalay latex, an exceptionally high quality latex that is certified to be free of all chemical substances. Talalay latex is four times more breathable than conventional latex. It is also much stronger and more flexible for optimal strain relief. Talalay is also manufactured in an environmentally friendly way, saving both energy and water. Yes, there is indeed very high quality “royalty” bedding over at our neighbor’s across the Channel, coming out of the Vispring house. Royalty bedding now available in Lyon at Luxury Bed.

High quality workmanship

The quality of the bedding presented by Luxury Bed also lies in the flawless workmanship of the products. Each premium brand has its own specificities: handmade and traditional tailor-made products, cutting-edge technologies... Each product is the result of the highest levels of expertise. Simmons has developed no less than 7 different cutting-edge technologies to bring the highest quality to its mattresses, working with the finest materials. Each model is crafted by hand before being assembled in the factory. Simmons' technologies include BlackSoft® technology, which allows the mattress to adapt perfectly and very precisely to each zone of the body. Fullsoft® technology provides a weightless, lightweight feel. The Sensoft Integral® technology guarantees the best possible sleeping independence, thanks to self-supporting springs. Simmons mattresses often combine several technologies, such as the famous Beautyrest Black®, considered one of the best mattresses in the world, which contains the exclusive combination of two pocket spring technologies: Sensoft Evolution® and Black Soft®.

Another style is that of Hästens, where all mattresses are entirelyhand-made. Since 1852, passionate craftsmen have been making the mattresses one step at a time. They use traditional techniques that have been handed down from generation to generation. Each mattress is therefore absolutely unique. Slumberland also puts technology at the heart of its products, and has always invested considerable effort in research. The brand has developed outstanding pocket spring technology. Slumberland is also known for its high quality and aesthetic upholstery, embroidered handles, etc. All brands offered by Luxury Bed use carefully selected materials and advanced technologies to provide bedding of exceptional quality.

Quality of service and Luxury Bed expertise

Beyond the excellence of the products that Luxury Bed offers, it is the quality of the service that distinguishes the Lyon-based specialist in luxury bedding. We make it a matter of priority that our experts provide the best advice to our customers, thanks to regular training and the scrupulous use of customer support that will enable you to make the best choice. We listen to you and take note of what you want in order to offer you the product that corresponds to your needs, your body type, your wishes, your requirements, or even to have a mattress made to measure for you. We deliver your bedding in a hygienic way to your home, in France and everywhere in Europe, from Paris to Deauville, from London to Chamonix, from Switzerland to Italy. The Luxury Bed experience is a unique quality experience, from the moment we make contact to the installation of your bed. Excellence all the way.


Luxury Bed, the highest quality for your bedding

Luxury Bed, a specialist in marketing luxury bedding based in Lyon and with an international reach, distributes the world's leading bedding brands: Hästens, Simmons, Treca Interiors Paris, Pure Talalay Bliss, Slumberland for mattresses, or Brun de Vian-Tiran or Drouault for bed accessories. If these brands are the most elegant in the world, this is thanks to the subtle combination of the use of the finest materials, the most advanced manufacturing techniques, and a premium service.