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Bed linen and accessories for sleep

Bedding accessories, find the best at Luxury Bed Luxury Bed also offers all the essential accessories for your bed, made by the most established names in French luxury craftsmanship... Luxury Bed has made luxury and exceptional bedding its thing. Therefore, it's only natural that our Lyon-based company provides its clients, in France and abroad, with all the equipment required for a very high standard of bedding. A bed, even a top-of-the-range one, is not a bed without its accessories: pillows, bolsters, sheets, blankets, covers and other mattress toppers, which, beyond the specificities of the different brands distributed by Luxury Bed, have in common the richness and rarity of the fabrics and materials, and the precision of an "old-fashioned" traditional finish.


Brun de Vian-Tiran

A French manufacturer of wool for 8 generations in Provence (84), Brun de Vian-Tiran, the world's leading manufacturer of blankets, throws, duvets, pillows and the leading expert in fine hair, chooses the most precious natural fibres for Orosa to combine comfort, finesse and wellbeing.


Since 1850, the French manufacturer Drouault, located in Le Mans, in western France, has been a synonym for excellence in the world of sleep. The purity of its products' upholstery and quality finishing make Drouault a world-renowned "haute-couture" brand of bedding accessories.


As well as dreamy memories of a fancy suite in a palace or luxury hotel, the bedroom has become a place where we meet, exchange and share: a sensory universe, rich in emotion, temptation and a multitude of sensations. Sensuality, softness, wonder, pleasure and eroticism colour this unforgettable space, in which the bed takes pride of place. In order to give space to this magic, to the part of dreams and to the intensity of our desires, Orosa was audaciously established for lovers of the pleasure of living and loving.