Beauty Relax Ensemble EN

Gold Firm Mattress
Beautyrest by Simmons

Available Sizes:
2 x 80 x 200cm — 2 x 90 x 200cm — 2 x 100 x 200cm

Prices Starting from 5 456 € (in 2 x 80 x 200)
with ecotaxe4 €

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Mattress core

TWINSOFT® Firm Suspension Line 1150

A double-layered padded spring system. A unique combination of two springs:
—The first spring is barrel-shaped, providing efficient support and reacting to the shape of your body in order to ensure unique adaptability
—The second spring is conical, absorbing and progressively distributing weight locally, for optimal support and comfort

Firm suspension and three laminated steel frames
A bedframe guaranteed to keep its shape over time

100% Padded spring sleeping
—Homogenous comfort guaranteed over the entire surface of the mattress

No Flip® System
—A new technology that avoids you having to flip your mattress every season

Hand knotted interior padding
18 buffer-pads for a 140x190cm mattress
—Ensures uniform mattress filler distribution over time

Comfort face

Elivéa® 4cm, density 43kg/m3
Progressively absorbs pressure points while proving vertebral support

Pure virgin wool 1kg/m2, Cashmere/Silk 100gr/m2 (50% cashmere, 50% silk)
Cozy comfort for winter and summer with the purest most natural fillers

Quallofil Cotton-wool by Dacron® 300gm/m2
—High-tech filler for optimal comfort and ventilation
—Quickly releases humidity, creating an agreeable microclimate
—Resilient material ensuring perfect support

So Tonic Foam 1.8cm, density 22kg/m3
—Extra firm surface

Technical faces

Tript’Air® Twill, internal micro air cushion network
Auto-ventilation and temperature regulation for every season


4 fabric embroidered handles
An easy to move mattress with haute couture finishing

Assorted twill
—Refined aesthetic