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Covent Garden Mattress

How can one resist such refinement?
The ultra comfortable welcome of the Pillow top, made of latex and Softy comfort foam, offers an unmatched level of extreme softness.

Available sizes:
Width : 80 to 200cm
Length : 190 to 200cm

Prices starting from 4 362 € (in 160 x 200)
with ecotaxe6 €

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Mattress core

Composition :
4cm perforated latex 70 kgs/m3
1,5cm of felt
15cm of high/low padded springs (zonal structure)
1,5cm of felt
2cm of polyurethane foam (density 60kgs/m3)

Twin Coil Suspension : padded springs, 2 alternating heights
— Excellent sleeping independence
— Very welcoming surface provided by the top layer of springs, with reinforced support provided by the lower layer of springs
— Progressive support, which adapts to each person’s weight

Total Thickness : 38cm

Comfort face

Composition of Side A :
Polyester fibre 300grs/m2
Wool 300grs/m2
Quilted over polyurethane foam 25kgs/m3 thickness 11cm

Composition of Side B :
Polyesther fibre 300grs/m2
Quilted over polyurethane foam 25kgs/m3 thickness 11cm

Technical faces

Twill :
Hycare treated Victoria Knit : 27% viscose, 73% polyester


Mattress topper:
– Integrated mattress topper : 5cm polyurethane foam HR 45 kgs/m3

10 years