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Luxury bedding made in France

Luxury Bed proposes the best of the Beautyrest by Simmons collection: The Black Beautyrest model. A summit of luxury marrying calm and sensuality. It has a simple and elegant frame made of dark wood, and a high quality mattress that guarantees firm lumbar support. The mattress uses state-of-the-art technology, consisting of hundreds of independent Evolution-type padded springs, allowing the mattress to literally embrace your body. New generation AirCool memory foam ensures immediate adaptation to your movements, while at the same time avoiding temperature built-up in certain zones. A pure luxury? No, to ensure the quality of your sleep, as well as that of your partner, Beautyrest by Simmons beds are a basic necessity! Find them at Luxury Bed, in Lyon.

English style luxury beds

After French quality, British Tradition: Vispring, founded in London in 1901, offers no less that 14 “upper class” beds, 4 types of mattresses, and 3 mattress toppers — and to sleep like Kings and Queens, the Bedstead. They combine quality materials — cashmere, mohair, European horsehair — an elegant aesthetic — modern technologies (such as double layered spring mattresses) — without neglecting the hand-crafted master-touch of British artisans. Yes, with Vispring luxury beds made in Britain offer that extra something that makes them all the cozier and aristocratic, satisfying the lovers of great bedding. Vintage craftsmanship and permanent innovation are the defining traits of this great brand, a standard in the world of luxury beds. You’ll find multiple models on offer in Lyon, at the Luxury Bed shop. Naturally, Luxury Bed provides its clientele with a home-delivery service, from Biarritz to Gstaad, from Italy to Switzerland, without forgetting London, of course.


Luxury Bed: the exclusive ambassador for luxury bedding in Lyon

Luxury Bed, a major outlet for luxury bedding based in Lyon, is now offering the works of two great high end bedding manufacturers, Beautyrest Simmons and Vispring…
Ideally situation in Lyon, in the heart of Western Europe on the important Rhine-Rhone axis, Luxury Bed is the nº1 outlet in the region for international luxury bedding. We now offer two historic brands for a luxurious European clientele: Beautyrest by Simmons, an internationally renowned French artisan, and Vispring, the absolute pinnacle of English luxury bedding.

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