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These bedding brands are popular with palaces

In France and throughout the world, the most beautiful hotels and the most sumptuous palaces are equipped with the best mattresses that tradition, know-how and technology have been able to conceive. Prestigious establishments make it a point of honour to offer their customers the best in bedding, and for good reason. The quality of the bedding reflects the quality of the establishment. Good bedding guarantees customer satisfaction and loyalty. Through the choice of bedding, it is the image of the establishment that is at stake. It is therefore understandable that luxury hotels take particular care in the choice of mattresses for their rooms and suites. The world's finest mattress brands, such as Simmons, Treca Paris and Hästens, are easily found in luxury hotels.Une bonne literie est garante de la satisfaction des clients, et de leur fidélisation. À travers le choix de la literie, c’est donc l’image de l’établissement qui est en jeu. On comprend donc que les hôtels de luxe prennent un soin particulier dans le choix des matelas équipant leurs chambres et suites. Ainsi, on trouve facilement des plus belles marques de matelas au monde, comme Simmons, Treca Interiors Paris ou encore Hästens dans des hôtels de luxe.

In the medieval village of Eliego in Spain, between mountains and vineyards, the 5-star Hotel Marqués de Riscal with a design by Frank O. Gehry offers 61 rooms fully equipped with Beautyrest® by Simmons.mattresses.Simmons is also featured at the Chenot Palace Weggis in Switzerland. The 97 rooms of the new and very luxurious Chenot Wellness Centre are also equipped with Beautyrest® by Simmons mattresses. The special feature of this wellness palace is the sleep cure offered by the establishment... with Beautyrest® by Simmons mattresses.

Other examples include the Sir Victor in Barcelona, a 5-star hotel and luxury spa with breathtaking views, or the sumptuous 5-star Les Barmes de l'Ours in Val d'Isère, equipped with Simmons mattresses.

Treca mattresses have also made their mark in the finest French and French-style hotels and palaces. In Provence, the 5-star Hotel Villa Gallici has equipped 16 sumptuous rooms with Treca bedding. On the French Riviera, the legendary 5-star Palace Hotel du Cap Eden Roc is renowned for the luxury, comfort and charm of its rooms, all of which are equipped with Treca mattresses.

The renowned Hotel Majestic in Cannes also trusts Treca to equip the rooms of its luxury suites. In Deauville, the 30 suites and 217 rooms of the glamorous Le Royal hotel, headquarters of the stars, are equipped with Treca bedding.

The list of 4 and 5 star hotels and palaces that have chosen Treca mattresses is still long, from La Baule to Courchevel, via Lyon or the Faubourg Saint Honoré...

As for the Swedish brand Hästens, darling of the Swedish crown, its mattresses, considered as jewels, can also be found in luxurious cases.

In Manhattan, it is a true love story that has been woven between the Hästens brand and the Lotten New York Palace, to the point that the prestigious and renowned establishment has dedicated a suite to the Blue Check brand. On the 43rd floor of the tower is the "Hästens Ultimate Sleep Suite", a perfect oasis of comfort equipped with one of the best mattresses in the world, the Hästens King Bed Vividus.

Hästens furnishes many other exceptional hotels, such as the Arantza Hotela, a 5-star hotel with a breathtaking view in Navarre, Spain.

The advantages of the world's best mattresses

It is often said that luxury bedding is an art of living. Brands such as Simmons, Treca and Hästens are demanded by luxury hotels around the world because their very manufacture is an art.Each mattress is made of the finest, purest and most carefully selected materials - virgin wool, alpaca, merino, cashmere, horsehair and cotton. Their natural properties are exceptional and guarantee unequalled hygiene and longevity.

These exceptional materials are combined with state-of-the-art technology and meticulous assembly, giving them a high quality and very high resistance.

Some mattresses, like those from Hästens, are made entirely by hand by passionate craftsmen and women who have been passing on their unique know-how for more than six generations.

The elegance and refinement of the lines make these mattresses real jewels, perfect for magnifying the rooms and suites of the most beautiful hotels in the world.


Exceptional mattresses for luxury hotels

Located in the heart of Lyon, Luxury Bed is a place 100% dedicated to luxury bedding. You will find mattresses from these exceptional brands in the rooms and suites of the most beautiful hotels and the greatest French and international palaces. Our team of sleep and bedding experts will advise you and help you choose your mattress, so that you can find the mattress that suits you perfectly. Luxurious bedding, top-of-the-range comfort, languid nights, deep and restful sleep: treat yourself to the nights of your dreams.

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