Drēmər Bed


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The Drēmər bed is the result of the finest natural materials, the expertise of six generations of craftsmen and the creativity of internationally renowned designer Ferris Rafauli. A true work of art, the Drēmər velvet headboard stands out in its own right, and its refined piping and corner details demand the utmost precision from our master craftsmen.

Hästens has put all its love, passion, know-how and expertise into the Drēmər bed, without leaving out a single detail. By bringing this exceptional bed to market in the year of its 170th anniversary, Hästens has fulfilled a dream and opened a new chapter in its history, a chapter dedicated to those who dare to dream.

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The Hästens Drēmər bed

“Because you put into your dreams all the love you deserve.”
The Drēmər bed is meticulously dressed in 100% cotton fabric specially designed by Rafauli. There are four colours to choose from: Black Shadow, Traditional Blue, Natural Shale, Phantom Charcoal. Available in standard sizes, from 90 cm to 210 cm wide. There are four firmness levels to choose from: soft, medium, firm and extra-firm.


The handmade mattress is made from layers of linen, wool, cotton and even horsehair. Set on lacquered wooden legs, it is complemented by an upholstered velvet headboard to enhance sleeping comfort.

– Weight: 217.2 kg in 210 x 210 cm
– Mattress height: 25 cm
– Base height: 30 cm
– Leg height: 9 cm
– Height of mattress topper: 5 cm
– Total height: 69 cm


The Drēmər bed comes out in the same year as Hästens’ 170th anniversary and marks the next chapter in Hästens’ history dedicated to dreamers. The mattress combines the finest natural materials, six generations of craftsmen and the creativity of world-renowned designer Ferris Rafauli. The velvet Drēmər headboard is a work of art in itself, while the refined piping and rounded panel details demand the utmost precision from our master craftsmen.


Choose the degree of firmness: soft, medium, firm or extra-firm. Adjust the length and width in 0.5 cm increments (the maximum size is 400 cm). For widths greater than 210 cm, the base will be divided in two. Personalise your drēmər with a wide choice of mattress toppers, headboards, footboards, bed covers, pillows, duvets, bed linen, etc. Choose from 15 different original fabrics.

A real work of art, the Drēmər headboard can transform any bedroom. For your comfort and to promote an extraordinary night’s sleep, its rounded velvet panels and ears are generously upholstered. To complement your Drēmər bed, velvet comes in a choice of four vibrant colours.

Mattress height 25 cm
Total bed height 69 cm
of bedding
in Sweden
Delivery in France
and Europe